Performance Characteristics Of Fan

- Jul 18, 2017-

(1), this series is a high-efficiency, energy-saving, low noise, high wind capacity of the ventilator.

(2), this series of wind turbine hump area is narrow and the wind pressure is more stable, the air surging phenomenon is weak, the airflow is stable.

(3), this series of fan high efficiency area is broad, can adapt to the mine production change, the ventilation parameter changes when still maintains in the high efficiency condition operation.

(4), according to the production needs, the cyclone machine can also be run on a single machine, the cyclone machine operation can increase the air volume 45%-70%, increase wind pressure 100%-192%, compared with the series operation, air volume increased by about 20%, wind pressure increased by about 50%.

(5), the fan adopts reverse wind, and the reverse air flow can reach 60%-80% of the normal air volume.