Operation And Maintenance Of Air Blower

- Jul 18, 2017-

1, before the start of the fan, must check whether there is foreign body in the runner, in case of start-up, the fan impeller by foreign body collision, damage.

2, before the start of the fan, please read the starting instructions in detail, motor instructions, as required to operate the start-up equipment, and in accordance with the first level, the following two orders to start the fan, adjust the direction of rotation, to ensure the normal operation of the fan.

3, the wind machine starts, and achieves the normal operation to observe promptly: A, the electric motor current is exceeding the rated current; B, fan runner is abnormal sound, found that the problem should be in time to stop the inspection, the cause of identification, troubleshooting after the party can enter the normal state of movement.

4, the fan in the use process, should be equipped with running records, system to record fan operation, including: A, fan start-up and downtime, downtime reasons; B, ambient temperature, temperature and atmospheric pressure; C, the operating voltage of the motor, working current, the temperature of each bearing, the temperature of the stator of the motor. To find out that there are more than the indicators of the project to immediately stop inspection; d, wind pressure, air volume; E, motor bearings Add the time, quantity and grade of molybdenum disulfide lithium base lubricating oil; abnormal conditions found in the periodic inspection, G, the details of the failure and the exclusions.

5, when the need for anti-wind, first cut off the power, brake. Brake should be slow force, not one hard brake dead, such as impeller to stop the rotation of the rear can be reversed, or it is possible to burn electrical equipment.

6, the fan in the operation process, according to the motor manufacturer's manual maintenance of the motor, the appropriate amount of molybdenum disulfide lithium grease.

7, fan regular downtime to fully check the various parts meet the requirements:

A, check the front and rear bearings of the motor. Find the problem to replace the bearing according to the model and replace the lithium disulfide lubricating oil.

b, check whether the blade is loose, the installation angle of the blade is the same as originally set. Find the problem to be dealt with in time.

C, Blade Installation angle adjustment method: According to the characteristics of the fan curve and mine ventilation requirements, select the required installation angle. Open the hub cover, loosen the petiole nut, and press the selected mounting angle on the dial of the hub drum surface. Align the front of the blade with the tick marks, fasten the petiole nut, tighten the nut, cover the cover, and adjust the finish.

Note: Blade adjustment finished, be sure to check the installation angle of each blade is consistent, or to readjust.

8, to check the reliability of measuring instruments to prevent the failure of thermometer, ammeter and so on.

9, drivers, such as regular inspection, once found abnormal sound or vibration, heating and other phenomena, should immediately stop processing, troubleshooting can start.