Installation And Commissioning Of Fan

- Jul 18, 2017-

1. Collector Assembly 2. A-level host total is 3. Two-level host is 4. Anti-rain Hood 5. Diffuser Assembly

6. Round Square transition 7. Silencer Box 8. Diffuser Tower 9. Drain

FBCDZ series of wind turbine factory, divided into the collector, first-class fan, two-level fan, diffuser, round-change square connector and six-piece diffuser tower factory. Machine number NO25, in order to make, transport convenience, often divides the diffuser into two sections:

1, according to the fan specifications to handle the installation site, to ensure that the site has enough space, so that the extracted wind energy smoothly into the atmosphere (harmful gases may not be discharged directly into the atmosphere). The ground of the base must be flat and compacted, and the rails laid.

2, the wind blower must be installed in the coal mine wind shaft with the exit, and ensure that the gas-flow cavity for air, in the negative machine and roadway joints to set up the buried parts in order to fix the roadway joints, do not allow the fan and return air wellhead directly docking, return to the wellhead must be installed explosion

3, before the installation, the fan parts must be inspected: A, whether the machine is complete, B, the impeller rotation is flexible, c, the blade and the cylinder wall is friction, d, whether the blade is solid; The problem should be dealt with in time, and there is no hidden danger.

4, installation, the wind machine parts in order to hoist the rails on the laying of good, where needed to cushion the sealing ring, with bolts to connect the components firmly, according to the Electric motor Use manual connection power line and temperature measuring instrument line.

5, check whether the flow of the oil line is unobstructed, and inject second molybdenum disulfide lithium-based lubricants (or better quality lubricating grease).

6, check the parts, the correct installation after manual braking, you can run the test.

7, after long-distance dynamic transmission or long-term use of the motor, the stator insulation resistance must be measured before using (insulation resistance must not be less than 0.5 light euro 380V), after the inspection qualified after the power supply, the start of the fan. The current, voltage, motor stator and bearing temperature should be observed frequently during trial operation.