Industrial Fan Overview

- Jul 18, 2017-

HVLS (High volume–low speed, low wind speed) wind turbine industrial energy-saving fan, a diameter of 7.3 meters of huge ceiling fan! The most efficient way to promote a large number of air movement, the production of ultra-high wind volume, the rotational speed of only 50RPM, so that space formation movement, circulation flow field, is currently unmatched by other equipment.

The use of aerodynamic principles and advanced technology for the manufacture of streamlined blades, only 1.5KW or less power can drive a large amount of air, producing a large area of natural breeze system, play a dual function of ventilation and cooling. Compared to the traditional HVAC and small high-speed fan, it has unparalleled application advantages, can be called a tall space ventilation cooling perfect solution.

The overall design has been accurately calculated to produce the most suitable for the human body to feel the best breeze effect. The wind speed is uniform and soft, covering area is large. In practical application, the ventilation of the human body brought about 5-8 ℃. The maximum operating power per fan is only 1.5KW, running 8 hours a day at most only 12 yuan (according to industrial electricity 1 yuan kwh calculation). Product appearance, durability, maintenance-free, to bring you ventilation and cooling of the dual effect.