Characteristics Of High Temperature Smoke Exhaust Axial Fan

- Jul 18, 2017-

1. High temperature resistance performance. The fan rectifier adopts high-temperature adiabatic material and coating, and uses the advanced technology of cooling air jet to cool the motor, which can work at 360 ℃ high temperature for more than 60 minutes, and work under 120 ℃.

2. High efficiency and wide range. This product uses the aerodynamics principle, the impeller uses the three-dimensional flow theory and the numerical calculation method optimized design, has the best aerodynamic characteristic.

3. Low noise. Because the fire smoke exhaust system is often used in the general ventilation system, so the noise index requirements are higher. The product adopts advanced design method and excellent performance, which makes the blower noise lower than the conventional blower $number db (a).

Wind Range: 3308--99746 ($literal)

Wind pressure range: 137--1932 (PA)

Power range: 3--45 (kw)