Principle of cooling down of negative pressure blower

- Jul 18, 2017-

Ventilation and cooling: Due to sunlight exposure to buildings, machinery and equipment, the human body and other sources of heat caused by the need to ventilate the place temperature higher than outdoor. The negative pressure wind function will exhaust the indoor hot air quickly, let the room temperature and the outside heat be flat, not inside the workshop temperature rise.

The air flows away the body heat, the air flow accelerates the perspiration evaporation and absorbs the body heat, thus lets the human body feel cool, and the natural wind is just as cool.

Negative pressure fan only the role of ventilation and cooling, there is no refrigeration function, cool is the feeling of the human body. The argument that the negative pressure wind function drops the temperature is ignorant.

With the use of the curtain, in the hot summer time can be in the workshop temperature control within 28 degrees Celsius. But the body's cool feeling can be compared with air conditioning, a long time to the curtain of the people will feel cold and unbearable.