How much does the factory cooling equipment know?

- May 09, 2018-

The large industrial fan is a large ceiling fan with a diameter of 7.2 meters. The fan blowing area has a direct relationship with the diameter of the fan. It covers a wide area (1450 square meters) and is easy to clean. Compared with a small fan, the central air conditioner has a small noise. Low energy consumption.

The wind blown by the industrial fan resembles the natural breeze system, which is the best cool feeling of the human body. The air volume is 1-3m/s. The employee can feel the temperature difference of 5-8 degrees, and it is installed on the top, not occupying the position. It will not affect the work of employees and allow them to have a comfortable working environment during the hot summer months so as to increase production efficiency. It is widely applicable to tall industrial plants, logistics warehouses, automobile manufacturing, leisure clubs, stadiums, automobile (train) stations, livestock ranching, foundry, and metallurgical industries. Large industrial fans consume only 1.2 degrees per hour, and one unit can replace hundreds of traditional small fans.

In addition, industrial fans are very compatible with the use of other cooling devices. For example, the combination of Qixiang industrial fans and central air conditioners or coolers can be very suitable for large spaces. When there are no large fans, only central air conditioners or air conditioners are used. It is necessary to set a large number of air supply ducts hanging around the interior of the room, affecting the aesthetics and safety of the building, while industrial winds can be used in conjunction with central air-conditioning or cooling fans to increase the cooling effect, reduce energy consumption, and allow ventilation to cool down, change air, and save energy. The realization of beautiful and safe goals is of great significance to the treatment of air in tall buildings.

At present, industrial fans are the most cost-effective and environmentally-friendly products in all large-scale open industrial plants, production plants, and warehouses. However, they face the embarrassment that their market-oriented time is not long and they are innovative cooling devices. Many enterprises and consumers have not seen or understood their characteristics. In the early stage of the plant planning, there was no complete installation scheme and reserved space layout, which led many companies to interfere with or interfered with on-site equipment during the later period when they wanted to purchase industrial fans. Factors such as discrepancies cannot be installed or have already been put into high purchases of other cooling devices and the use of industrial fans has been lost.